Wilson’s Point Graveyard Tour

The spirits wait to greet you at Wilson’s Point on Saturday July 25th at 9 pm!

There has been whispering emanating from the graveyard at the Enclosure, voices without bodies, and an unnatural cold clinging to the bones of unsuspecting visitors …

Wilson’s Point has always been a haunted place. Plagued by misfortune, disaster, and death, the site of Miramichi’s first English-speaking settlement and Acadian refugee camp will soon creak and groan to life. By moonlight meet the restless spirit of William Davidson, the eerie Ursilla Vye, the bitter Boishebert, and all sorts of other frightening characters as you take your walk through the Point’s trails.

After listening to the lament of Commander Boishebert pass through the old iron gates into one of the oldest graveyards on the Miramichi where tragic tales are as common as the old gravestones. A lady in white stalks the woods for her lost love, and a mysterious man tells of the dangers of the water between Beabears Island and the Point. Vengeful lumberjacks and shadowy spectres haunt the woods, each with their own tale.

Come hear some of the oldest myths and legends from the early days of our region, and see the Point in a new, frightening way. Courageous guests will begin their descent at the St James replica Church at 9 PM and the adventure should last about an hour. But be warned, for you may not return the same …

For more information on this, and other upcoming events and programs, call 622-8526 or visit beaubearsisland.ca.

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