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Lauren_Renauds_Septby Lauren Walls, Interior Decorator
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Something as simple as furniture arrangement can totally effect the functionality and mood of a family. In order to get the best possible results, creativity is key!

If you’d like to cut down on the physically demanding aspect of the job try going old school and using graph paper and the “one square equals one foot” method. Measure your furniture and cut out pieces of paper in the appropriate size. This way you can create a look that is special and unique without all the struggle and strain of moving heavy furniture pieces.

Here are a few of my favourite tips that you can use when your choosing the perfect position for your furniture.

1. Try arranging everything diagonally in the space. No, this isn’t going to work perfectly in each and every room but it might be a possible solution if you’re looking for something with a lot of visual interest.

2. Whenever possible, try not to block windows with large scale furniture. Also try not to block the most commonly used entrance to the room. It’s ideal to have a clear sight line straight into the space.

3. Allow for at least 30″ of space wherever you will need to be able to walk. This will allow for a comfortable amount of room to move around. 14″-18″ will work between a sofa and coffee table. That way your items can be within easy reach.

4. Keep the view in mind. Whether it be a fireplace, a large window or a television you should always orient the furniture to maximize that view. If you don’t have a natural focal point in your space, it easy to create a focal point using large scale art or cabinetry.

5. Create “zones”. Zones can range from conversation zones to work or entertainment zones. Think about what you do in the particular space and create an area that will be designated for that activity. A great way to distinguish these zones and my personal favourite technique is by using area rugs. Each space will feel separate without adding a physical separation that could be costly and permanent. Using rugs gives you the flexibility to change the arrangement in the future.

6. Avoid pushing everything up against the walls! In a large space it’s totally unnecessary to place your furniture all along the wall. Instead use a rug as an anchor and arrange the furniture pieces around/on it. Leaving a bit of space around the perimeter will actually end up making your room feel larger and cozier all at the same time.

RenaudsLaurenHappy arranging!

Lauren Walls was born and raised in Miramichi. She completed her degree in Interior Design at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Fredericton. She took six months off to explore and become inspired by Europe and has returned home to join the team at Renaud’s BrandSource. Lauren enjoys using her skills and training to beautify any space. For a consultation call her at 773-9408 or email: .

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