Beaubears Island Clean Up Next Week

Beaubears Island clean up happens May 17 - 19In 2010, Parks Canada Ecologists advised fuel management as a forest fire prevention strategy on Beaubears Island. Beginning in 2012, under the direction of Parks Canada, a Fuel Management/ Island clean up project has been undertaken in May. Each year Friends of Beaubears Island seeks volunteers to help out during this time. This year, the clean up will take place May 17, 18 and 19.
The Island, once an Acadian refuge in the 1750s and a shipyard throughout much of the 19th century, is now home to various plants and animals. Although the dominant tree is White Pine, the area contains over 300 vascular plants groups including rare species such as the Hooded Arrowhead, American Germander and Cloud Sedge. In addition, there are 34 species of birds, including a pair of Bald Eagles and numerous other animals such as the red fox, porcupine and wolf spider.
Of course the keyword is “volunteers”, and organizers say if interested parties can come and help out on all three days, well and good, but if not, any time they spend is certainly helpful and would be greatly appreciated. The more volunteers who take part, the more that can be accomplished on these days, which are a great kick off to the season, a time to get out, get active, and restore the vaunted lustre of the “emerald in the azure band of the Miramichi.”
Work traditionally begins mid-morning and goes until mid-afternoon. Anyone interested in helping out, or wishing to find out more about the project, is encouraged to call 622-8526.

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