Chefs Program Teaching Blackville School Kids to Cook

The Chefs Program at Blackville School is teaching grade 5 students about healthy eating and physical activity while they learn the fun of cooking. The program was designed by the Department of Health and began last year in Blackville.

The young chefs are lead by facilitator April Jardine, and includes 90-minute sessions designed with children 8-12 years in mind. This program, held Wednesday’s after school, lasts 12 weeks and contains 5 themes:

  1. Becoming a Chef
  2. Keeping food safe
  3. Healthy Eating
  4. All about Nutrients
  5. Be Active

The most recent program ended in February with students preparing a dinner for their invited guests. A new cycle begins this month.

In addition to facilitator April Jardine, three grade 12 students, Rayna MacVicar, Payten Jardine and Samantha Arseneault, along with grade 6 student Layne Jardine, volunteer with the program.

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