Celebrating Aboriginal Heritage on the Miramichi

Aboriginal people have inhabited the Miramichi region for over three millennia & have been contributing their unique culture and traditions for time immemorable. Some ways that you can celebrate & learn more about our First Nations this summer

  1. Attend the Fishermen’s Pow Wow (June 30 – July 1) – held annually on Waterford Green in Chatham. Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Roger Augustine brings together First Nations and non-First Nations fishermen in a spirit of peace and friendship.  Parade of boats, dance, music, cultural / artisan village and more

  2. Attend a Local Pow Wow – With three First Nation’s within a one hour drive of Miramichi city you have ample opportunity to engage in local Pow Wows & celebrate the culture through dance, song, chants, feasts and local artisan vendors.  Before you go: check out this great article by CBC on being an ally during Pow Wow season. Eel Ground (Natoaganeg) – July 13-16
    Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation (Red Bank) – July 28-30
    Esgenoôpetitj (Burnt Church) – August 18-20

  3. Visit the Metepenagiag Heritage Park – “Experience Mi’kmaq culture that has existed here for over 30 centuries. Share in music and listen to oral history handed down through generations of Mi’kmaq Elders. Walk the trails in the footsteps of ancestors overlooking the river that has sustained life since time immemorial.View the archeological finds of the ancient village and understand the significance and traditions presented from the Augustine Mound and Oxbow National Historic Sites.”

  4. Ookdotaan (A Taste of Metepenagiag) – Gather fresh ingredients for the tea that will be served with food prepared in an outdoor cooking shelter. Sit down to listen to stories of Metepenagiag before sampling seasonal fish or summer game with wild rice, traditional bread and fragrant cedar tea. For more info click here
  5. Spend the Night in a Tipi – Sleeping under the stars, in the fresh air, surrounded by such a rich history is sure to take your understanding and appreciation of the culture to a whole new level. Not to mention, you’ll be disconnected from the noise of everyday life, and at peace with nature, making it a truly spiritual experience. For more information click here 
  6. Spend the Night at Metepenagiag Lodge– staffed by nationally certified interpreters who will be delighted to tell the story of Metepenagiag. Sit down, relax and view the award winning movie” The Village of Thirty Centuries.”  Various art work from local crafters is made available throughout the lodge for guests to admire and you will also have the option to enjoy traditional cuisine.



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