Brett Bundale

Up the River and Around

By Brett Bundale / April 30, 2018 /

Photos submitted by Michael Marsland after taking a drive up and around to see the river conditions in different areas.

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Special Olympic Spring Tea and Fashion Show

By Brett Bundale / April 24, 2018 /

The Special Olympic Spring Tea and Fashion Show will take place on Saturday May 12th, 1pm at the Beaverbrook Kin Centre, 100 Newcastle Blvd.

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Bases Loaded: A Beaubears Story

By Brett Bundale / March 29, 2018 /

The so-called “Beaubears Island Players” are at it once again. The informal community theatre troupe, assembled by the Friends of Beaubears Island, has, since 2014, brought history to life on the stage with a series of informative and entertaining productions. At the same time, they have helped raise funds to extend the employment of area…

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Miramichi Artist Demonstrates Work at Newcastle Farmers’ Market on March 9th

By Brett Bundale / February 23, 2018 /

Artist Gloria Savoie is to give a demonstration of her art at the Newcastle Farmers Market, Miramichi on Friday, March 9th. Ms. Savoie is Miramichi Artist in Residence for a project funded by the NB Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. The project is aimed at raising awareness of the arts in the area, engaging the public and challenging the artist to explore new approaches to her art.

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Let us support you on your cancer journey…

By Brett Bundale / January 24, 2018 /

RECENTLY DIAGNOSED with CANCER, CURRENTLY IN TREATMENT OR DEALING WITH SURVIVORSHIP ISSUES. Let us support you on your cancer journey… HELP IS AVAILABLE Evidence shows that remaining active improves wellness and cancer survival. Come join us in a seated exercise program based on simple everyday movements. As a participant you will be encouraged to work…

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