Giver Miramichi

Painting Life in a Positive Light While Living with Asperger’s

By Giver Miramichi / October 14, 2020 /

October is Canadian Mental Health month. As I reflect on my own journey with mental health, I sometimes find it more challenging than some, as I have lived with Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism), since I was diagnosed at nearly five years of age. With Asperger’s Syndrome, it affects my ability to process a variety…

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A Message to Fellow 2020 Graduates

By Giver Miramichi / September 3, 2020 /

By Victoria McDonald Graduation is a time that everyone remembers. No matter if it is two years ago, or twenty. The feeling of turning that tassel from left to right is a moment that sticks with you until the very end. It is a feeling of accomplishment, proud that thirteen years of work finally paid…

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