Giver Miramichi

Madness at the Manse: Oct. 13-14

By Giver Miramichi / October 6, 2023 /

This October 13th and 14th “Character Matters Miramichi” is proud to partner with Historic Beaverbrook House to present, “Madness At The Manse,” a theatrical tour showcasing the eerie, the strange, and the downright mad. Join the snobbish Dr. Phineas Bigby, and his wary assistant, Ms. Soloman, as they guide you through the haunted halls of…

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Robert Ross Releases Two Country Music Videos

By Giver Miramichi / December 12, 2020 /

Hi, I’m from Barryville on the Miramichi. I’ve entertained at Ritchie Wharf and have had an article in Giver in 2018 when I released my Album “It’s Never Too Late”.I live in Cairns, Australia now but my heart is always on the Miramichi. I hope to be home in Summer 2021 when travel is permitted…

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A Book Review Of Yorkshire Lass: An English War Bride’s Story

By Giver Miramichi / November 1, 2020 /

A Book ReviewofYorkshire Lass: An English War Bride’s StorybyDorothy Staniford KellyEdited by Sandra Kelly O’Hara Born in 1912 and surviving the London Blitzkrieg as a nurse and midwife and later becoming a war bride in Douglastown, N.B. after the war, Dorothy Stanford Kelly has many stories to tell. She does it in a simple, almost…

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Painting Life in a Positive Light While Living with Asperger’s

By Giver Miramichi / October 14, 2020 /

October is Canadian Mental Health month. As I reflect on my own journey with mental health, I sometimes find it more challenging than some, as I have lived with Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism), since I was diagnosed at nearly five years of age. With Asperger’s Syndrome, it affects my ability to process a variety…

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A Message to Fellow 2020 Graduates

By Giver Miramichi / September 3, 2020 /

By Victoria McDonald Graduation is a time that everyone remembers. No matter if it is two years ago, or twenty. The feeling of turning that tassel from left to right is a moment that sticks with you until the very end. It is a feeling of accomplishment, proud that thirteen years of work finally paid…

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